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Degree Completion Program

Degree Completion Program

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Our Degree Completion Model is allows millions of Chinese students who have completed an Associates Degree in China to then continue and earn a Bachelor's Degree from an American University.

After being successfully admitted to a university, for the next 1-2 years (depending on the program, university and intensity) students enroll full-time in a Bachelor's Program.

Currently, MEI has direct partnerships with the following universities and Master's Degree programs:

Bridgewater State University

University of Massachusetts, Boston

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

University of Massachusetts, Lowell


The degree completion program is a pathway to bachelor's degree study at US higher education institutions for students who have completed two years of associate's degree level education in China. MEI conducts screening on behalf of American partner university to assure student quality. All students admitted must meet English proficiency requirement set by MEI and American partner university collaboratively. Students start with taking courses in Chinese universities, accumulating credits which will later be transferred to MEI's American partner university as appropriate. MEI experts will provide guidance for students regarding study plans and course selection based on their expertise with the credit system in US higher education. Students come to MEI's ESL center in the US for language training and cultural acclimation for one year, being prepared to be successful with their future study. Students may also take some credit courses toward degree completion. At the same time, students have ample opportunity to experience American college life in person, mingling with US students and students from other countries, which will accelerate their adaptation process.

Upon successfully completing their study at MEI's ESL center and meeting the language requirement, students receive full admissions from American partner university and take credit courses toward degree completion. Students will transfer credits that they have accumulated in China to American partner university as appropriate. In addition, starting from early on in the program, MEI experts will also provide consultation and mentorship with regard to career development so students are well prepared for the job market upon graduation.