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Diploma Program

Diploma Program

A unique pathway international students to earn a High School Diploma in one year and better prepare for a successful undergraduate career in the United States and beyond.

Homestay Information

A hallmark of the US Diploma Program, while attending classes at the local high school students live with a local family to maximize immersion and language acquisition.

Interested in becoming a home stay family? As a homestay family, you will play a unique cultural role in the immersion experience for our students. To be considered to be a host family for the 2018-2019 school year, please complete the application below.

Have a question? Please contact MEI's Homestay Coordinator Mrs. Samantha Dallaire at

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MEI is partnered with Plymouth Public Schools for our US Diploma Plus One Program. Plymouth is a small, coastal town in Massachusetts with a population of nearly 60,000. It is the historic site in which the Pilgrims arrived to after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to find a new home to live life without oppression. Plymouth is the perfect location and partner for our Diploma Program boasting one of the largest and best school districts in the state. Easily accesible from Boston, Plymouth allows students to fully immerse themselves in the local town while maintaining easy access to a major city.


Preparation: Upon arrival to the United States, students participate in a preparation program geared towards improving their English language skills. Additionally, students will receive early preparation for the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS), a statewide requirement that all students must pass to receive their diploma.

Diploma: After the prep program, students will enroll in Plymouth Public Schools where they take a full course-load. They will complete the academic year and receive their high school diplomas.

Plus One: After earning their diploma, a small percentage of very well-qualified students will continue directly into an undergraduate program while the majority will participate in MEI's "Plus One" program providing additional language and culture support as well as assistance with their college application.

Support: Throughout the program students will have a variety of support structures including MEI staff, teachers, tutors and host families. MEI is committed to providing a challenging but supportive academic and personal experience for each student.




Extracurricular: In addition to taking classes, students will be participating in extracurricular activities ranging from sports to clubs. Students must choose one extracurricular activity to be involved with as part of the Diploma Program requirement. 

Cultural: MEI will provide students with cultural activities such as cooking classes, excursions to places such as university campuses and local outings.

Homestay: As part of the immersive spirit of MEI's Diploma Program, students will be staying with a family in Plymouth for the academic year. 

Important Dates (2017-2018)

August 2-26: MEI Preparation Program

August 27: Homestay Move-In

September 2: Fall Semester Starts

November 8, 9, 14: English Language Arts (ELA) MCAS Testing

November 15-16: Math MCAS Testing

December 22-January 1: Winter Break

January 2: Spring Semester Starts

February 5-6: Biology MCAS Testing

June 2: Graduation Day