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Higher Education Programs for American Students


Summer Session


A mini-Study Abroad program open to college undergraduates and select high school juniors and seniors, Summer Session offers students the opportunity to take up to two, 3-credit college courses in China earning U.S. Credits, while exploring Chinese culture, participating in networking events and more!

American Campus


American Campus - COMING SOON!

Currently there are almost 350,000 Chinese students studying in the U.S. and 400,000 Chinese studying English while less than 25,000 Americans study in China annually and only about 200,000 Americans are studying Mandarin Chinese. The American Campus is one of MEI's signature higher education projects that aims to increase the number of American students studying abroad in China by creating an exciting course of study that allows students to totally immerse themselves in the culture while maintaining a controlled, academically rigorous environment. Check back soon for more information.

Higher Education Programs for Chinese Students


Degree Completion Program

Degree Completion program - (august start; 2+ years)

In China, there is no opportunity for Chinese students that have completed an Associate's Degree in China to continue their education and earn a Bachelor's Degree. For students, our Degree Completion Program is a chance to continue and earn a Bachelor's Degree from an American University in about 2 years. For our partner universities, our Degree Completion program offers competitive students to diversify and increase enrollment in important programs.


Master's Degree Program

Master's Degree PRogram - (august & january start; 2-3 years)

In 2016, about 7,650,000 students graduated from undergraduate programs in China and many are  searching to continue their education. Our Master’s program is designed for these students to complete an American Master’s degree, in two to three years (4-8 semesters) depending on the degree while participating in our complementary ESL/culture program designed to increase student success upon graduation.