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Innovation Camp

Innovation Camp

In China, there is less emphasis on innovation and presentation in education compared to the United States. This two week program aims to attract students from China interested in an American curriculum that focuses on innovation and presentation. As a group, we will engage in many activities that will bring out each others' creativity and help each other in developing presentations and speeches so that students from China can internalize the strengths of an American curriculum and carry these skills back to China. Additionally, this is a unique opportunity for students from China to see and experience the United States.



MEI's Innovation Camp will take students to a variety of cities and institutions across the United States. 

  • San Francisco: Students will be able to see areas such as Silicon Valley, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Stanford University. 
  • BostonIn Boston, students will be attending a week-long course focused on learning about innovation and presentation skills. This course will be taught by MEI staff and will be filled with excursions throughout the Greater Boston Area, including trips to the Museum of Science, tours of Harvard and MIT and other sites.
  • New York City: After Boston, students will travel to New York City to see and experience all the main attractions of New York, including the Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue and Times Square. 
  • Philadelphia: This will be a brief stop on the way to Washington D.C. Participants will see sites such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Philadelphia's City Hall.
  • Washington D.C: The last part of this program will take participants to the nation's capital where they will explore the National Mall and see various monuments and memorials dedicated to the country's history.


Innovation: This will be the main focus of MEI's Innovation Camp. Participants will receive an introductory course on how to hone and develop their innovative skills. They will use tools such as LEGOs and museum workshops to guide them to think outside of the box and learn how to be creative in finding solutions. It is our hope that participants will apply these innovative skills to real-world situations.

Presentation: Another component of our Innovation Camp is to help participants become more confident in their presentation skills. We will provide several practicums in which students can rehearse and perfect their abilities in verbal persuasion.




Cultural: MEI's Innovation Camp will provide participants with many opportunities to see famous sites and places across the United States. Additionally, we will provide participants with more personable experiences such as excursions to outlet malls and mini-golf outings.

Community: In addition to travelling around the United States with each other, students will also be staying together in a MEI residence hall outside of Boston. Here they will have opportunity to work and learn together as students to build a sense of community.