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Our Master's Program is construction in a .5 + .5 + 1 Model.

For students admitted to our program, during the first .5 or semester students partake in our pre-Master program in China either at their undergraduate university (if applicable) or one of our other partner campuses throughout China.

During the second .5 or semester, students then come to MEI's student center in Boston, Massachusetts for an additional semester of intensive academic English and cultural support. During this time students also receive TOEFL test preparation and support.  

After being successfully admitted to a university, for the next 1-2 years (depending on the program and intensity) students enroll full-time in their Master's Program.

Currently, MEI has direct partnerships with the following universities and Master's Degree programs:

Framingham State University

MCPHS University

University of Massachusetts, Boston

University of Massachusetts, Lowell




The master's program targets undergraduate students in their final year and recent college graduates in China. Students are screened and admitted through MEI's comprehensive assessment. Students who meet MEI program’s acceptance requirements and pass MEI’s comprehensive language assessment are admitted into MEI’s pre-Master’s program where they spend the first semester in China, focusing on improving English proficiency and preparing for TOEFL. Students who meet the TOEFL requirement then come to the US and spend the second semester in MEI’s student center where their focus is on English language, American culture and select students can even begin graduate coursework as non-degree students. The curriculum is provided by MEI and partner university collaboratively. Upon successful completion of the study at MEI's ESL center, students transfer to their target university and complete their master’s degree in one year or more. During this time, MEI will provide guidance and consultation regarding career planning and preparation.

The Master's Degree Program is a fantastic opportunity for international students to earn a valuable Master's Degree at a well-regarded American university. Also, because most of our Master's Programs are in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics students that earn their Master's Degree have the guarantee of staying in the United States and earning a competitive salary and valuable work experience for at least three years on an OPT Visa.

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