Massachusetts Education International



Diploma Program Homestay Overview


Incoming Students

As a homestay family, you will be hosting a student from one of our partner schools in China. MEI has several partners located throughout China, including Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai. These students will be here to obtain a high school diploma and hopefully continue with MEI's Plus One Program or immediately start college in the United States.

Application Process

1. Fill out online application form.

2. MEI's staff will then review applications.

3. Fill out a CORI background check once applications are reviewed and processed.

4. Receive an in-house visit by our Homestay Coordinator for evaluation.

5. Receive a welcome letter, homestay guidebook and other relevant information in preparation for hosting your incoming student.


Connect: Hosting an exchange student allows you to connect with someone from another culture. It is a special opportunity in which a student can become a part of your family and create life-lasting friendships. As a homestay family, MEI hopes that you will be able to facilitate situations in which you can develop a stable relationship with your exchange student.

CommunicateStudents studying in the United States come with very proficient levels of English. However, they do not have much experience exposed to English in authentic settings. It is our expectation that homestay families communicate with their exchange students in a patient and positive manner. 

Collaborate: As a homestay family, we will be working very closely with you from the time we receive your application until the end of the academic year. We hope to maintain an open line of communication with all homestay families. There will be several members of MEI's staff available for help when needed we hope that throughout the year, we can count on all homestay families to be responsive and attentive to tasks such as helping MEI's staff with reports about student well-being and providing commentary when necessary.