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Secondary Programs


Secondary Programs for American Students

Summer Session

Summer Session

Summer Session - (July/AUGUST; 5 weeks)

A mini-Study Abroad program open to college undergraduates and select high school juniors and seniors, Summer Session offers students the opportunity to take up to two, 3-credit college courses in China earning U.S. Credits, while exploring Chinese culture, participating in networking events and more!                                                           



China Immersion

China Immersion - (year round; 8-12 days)

Custom-created academic immersion programs designed to expose American students in a holistic, fun way to the culture, history and traditions of China. While our China immersion programs can be tailored for each school, typically they include the opportunity to live with local families, attend classes at a top secondary school, spend time with students of the same age and visit important historical and cultural sites around the country.

Secondary Programs for Chinese Students & Teachers

Innovation Camp

Innovation camp - (July/August; two weeks)

Students will participate in carefully designed seminars and hands-on challenges designed to teach and foster innovation.  Held in Boston at MEI's student center, the group will also meet with local innovators, explore the city and attend guest lectures. Aside from the innovation curriculum in Boston, students will also go on various experiential excursions in several American cities including San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington D.C.

US Diploma

U.S. diploma program PLUS ONE - (AUGUST START DATE; 1-2 years)

Our signature high school program, the U.S. Diploma Program allows students from our partner high schools in China to complete one year of high school in the United States and obtain their a U.S. diploma. After the first year, the majority of students will continue in the Plus One program at MEI's student center where they will continue with a program of intensive English and cultural preparation as well as receive assistance and guidance in applying to American colleges and universities.

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USA Immersion

USA Immersion program - (year round; 8-12 days)

This is an opportunity for Chinese students to discover American culture and education in the Boston area. Students will attend classes at one of MEI's American partner schools, live with local families, and participate in locate cultural activities. Additionally, students will visit and discover various other American cities including New York City, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

Teacher Training

Teacher TRAINING - (Year round; 2 weeks)

The People's Republic of China is currently undergoing various education reforms and, as a result, schools and teachers are looking to Western educators, particularly in the United States, for guidances, education and collaboration. Our Teacher Training Program aims to create a knowledge exchange in which both American and Chinese educators can benefit from each others' knowledge in pedagogy, curriculum design, classroom management, student management and more.